What Money Can Buy

So on Wednesday my husband and I had an extra hour as our daughter wanted to stay at Nanny’s for tea. Winner!

So, we thought it would be nice to go for a drink and a game of Pool. That then led to a cheeky curry….a Wednesday night deal for a tenner as well! What more could you want?

So, we were sat there talking about taking our new habits seriously and started feeling guilty about the fact we had then cheated on our diets. And it got me thinking….

What did my £10 curry deal actually buy me? Apart from a glorious Passanda and Garlic Naan?


Despite the guilt, I actually felt pretty good and I wondered Why?

Because that £10 had bought me a lot more. It bought me a night off the dishes, it bought me an extra hour to do my own thing and it bought me time away from the cooker.

Now when I went home to see my little lady and put her to bed, I could do so without thinking “Get to bed god damn you! No, not another Bing story, Mummy is starving and hasn’t had tea yet.” So, I was chilled instead of rushing through bed time thinking of how much I needed to do.

I realised this was a nice segway from my last post about all the plates we spin, and how sometimes we do need to go out for food to save us an extra point on the “To Do List” or pay for a window cleaner instead of doing it ourselves.

The reason people pay £10 per load to the Ironing Queen or, £12 per hour for the cleaner once a week, or £20 to the Gardener, is to give themselves something much more precious.

More Time.

Extra time with the kids, extra time on the side hustle, extra time to read or relax.

They say money can’t buy time, but who are they anyway?

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Wanting to share some insights into my life, in the hopes they help you with yours.

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