Can’t skip the hard stuff

What are you going through right now that is hard? What have you walked through in the past and never thought it was possible?

When have you been tested?

Was it a divorce or break-up? Was it grief or a break down? Did you lose your job or fail your degree?

Either way, when you were in the thick of it, did you ever wonder how on earth you were going to get through it?

These are all tests and throughout our lives we will be faced with them. Some will be far harder than others.

As Brene’ Brown says in her book Rising Strong “there is no skipping the messy middle”. There are no easy ways out of the hard stuff and we must have the hard conversations and do the uncomfortable to come out the other side.

But what if this test can become your testimony?

What if this hard time is necessary to get to where you need to go? Like David Goggins who had to go through the pain and suffering and address his childhood trauma to become a Navy SEAL and best-selling author, or like Russell Brand who had to face mental health issues and addiction head on to get to where he is today, or Scott Harrison who overcame addiction, countless closed doors and legal challenge to set up Charity: Water.

Despite the hard times and the tests in their lives, they have gone on to achieve amazing things. This isn’t uncommon. We all love a rags to riches story or one where people have overcome struggle and pursued their dreams regardless.

As Lisa Nichols says “Don’t make me extraordinary to let yourself off the hook”. These people are not extraordinary, they are have overcome challenge like anyone else.

What are you going through right now that can fuel the fire and be your testimony in 10 years’ time?

Remember, you are not alone, the hard times will pass and I’m afraid you can’t skip the messy middle.

Published by atthistimeinmylife

Wanting to share some insights into my life, in the hopes they help you with yours.

2 thoughts on “Can’t skip the hard stuff

  1. This is such a good way to remind yourself that when you are in the “messy middle” it’s only because you are on your way to coming out the other side. I’m still in the messy middle of parenthood but I feel it’s getting less messy as time goes on! Another great post xx


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